The first networking platform for e-Residents is live- welcome to eResNetwork!

eResNetwork is the first private sector initiative fully dependent on the Estonian e-residency drive. eResNetwork is the world's safest community for digital citizens - all our users on the network are validated and unique and have been background checked by the government of Estonia.

The business networking environment has been built by a group of international enthusiasts working closely with the Estonian e-Residency team. In the eResNetwork platform members can communicate with other e-Residents, start-ups, investors as well as with mentors, larger companies and government departments.

The platform offers several benefits to e-Residents. As a user you have access to exclusive deals offered by businesses, establish secure and trustworthy connections with likeminded people and find the right organizations for your initiatives. On the platform you can share your knowledge with others and learn about other industries. Learn how to make the most of your new residency.

eResNetwork is transparent, offering security and trust - 100% real and unique people behind the users. This approach is 1st in the world of networking platforms and will enable current and future e-Residents to optimize their international communication needs in a secure way, whether they are business-owners or digital nomads.

“e-Residency enables straightforward and secure authentication of identity. This will change how the online world works today. Many problems and frauds arise from the fact that online users are not authenticated in any way. For business level communications, this is a problem eResNetwork together with Estonian innovation is solving,” said Kaspar Triebstok, eResNetwork Co-Founder. If you still have not applied for e-Residency, here is your chance

In addition to the platform helping you to find potential business partners, investors, customers as well as enabling more secure communication with other e-Residents, eResNetwork gives you an overview of the available e-services and latest news.

Join all the e-Residents on eResNetwork now to make the most of the community of digital identity, the community of early adopters and innovative companies. Join now on

Kaspar Triebstok
(+372) 5557 2295

Kick-off at Garage48

Our team would like to thank to you for supporting us over the weekend! The first bite from the cookie has been taken and we believe that the cookie is big!

We walked out from the Garage48 e-residency hackathon with a ticket in our pocket to the TOP30 in 'AJUJAHT' and as an addition to that - some time in the accelerator.

Our team is full of enthusiasm and we hope that you will keep an eye on us!

The Internet is changing and We are going to lead that change! eResNetwork team.